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Measure A


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Measure A - Affordable Housing Bond (2016)

Supervisor Chavez was the primary architect of the groundbreaking $950-million 2016 Measure A Affordable Housing Bond – approved by voters in November 2016 to end homelessness in Santa Clara County. As of March 31, 2021, a total of 2,744 affordable housing units were committed for development using bond funds. In addition, $25 million has been committed to the first-time homebuyer loan program. Since 2015, supportive housing in Santa Clara County has increased by 2,398 units as a result of the passage of Measure A.

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Latest Affordable Housing Projects and How To Apply

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Project Name

Number of Units



​1. ​The Veranda​




​Jun 2019

​2. Villas on the Park​ 84​ ​San Jose complete​ ​Nov 2019
3. Crossing on Monterey 39 Morgan Hill​ complete Dec 2019
4. Monterey Gateway Senior Apartments 75 ​Gilroy complete May 2020
5.​ Markham Plaza I (Rehab) 153​ San Jose​ ​complete Dec 2020​
6. Leigh Ave Senior Apartments​ ​64 San Jose​ ​complete Jun 2020
7.​ Curtner Studios (Rehab) ​179 ​San Jose ​under construction Aug 2021​
8. Quetzal Gardens 71 ​San Jose under construction Jul 2022
9. ​Iamesi Village a/k/a N. San Pedro Apt. 135 ​San Jose under construction Oct 2021
10.​ Calabazas a/k/a Corvin Apartments 145​ Santa Clara​ under construction​ Nov 2021​
11.​ ​​Page Street Apartments​ 82​ San Jose​ under construction​ ​Sep 2022
12.​ Markham Plaza II (Rehab)​ ​152 ​San Jose under construction​ ​Sept 2022
13.​ ​​Vela Apartments (Alum Rock Family Apts) ​87 San Jose​ under construction​ Nov 2022​
14.​ PATH Villas at 4th Street  94​ San Jose​ ​under construction Feb 2023​
​15. Blossom Hill Senior Apartments ​147 ​San Jose under construction​ Jul 2023​
16.​ Gallup and Mesa Apartments​ ​46 ​San Jose under construction​ ​Sept 2023
17.​ Agrihood Senior Apartments 165 Santa Clara​ under construction Nov 2023
18. ​ ​Immanuel-Sobrato a/k/a Moorpark Apartments 108 San Jose​ ​pre-construction​ ​Mar 2023
19. Kifer Senior Apartments​​ 80 Santa Clara​​ pre-construction May 2023
20. Bascom Apartments ​79 ​San Jose ​pre-construction Aug 2023
​21. Auzerais Apartments​​ ​130 ​San Jose ​pre-construction Sep 2023
22.​ Sango Court Apartments 102​ Milpitas pre-construction ​Nov 2023
23. The Charles 78​ San Jose​ pre-construction​ Nov 2023​
24.​ Roosevelt Park 80​ San Jose​ ​pre-construction​ Jan 2024​
​25. Gateway Towers 300​ San Jose​ pre-construction​ Mar 2024​
26.​ Mariposa Place (W. San Carlos Housing​) 80​ San Jose​ pre-construction​ Mar 2024​
27.​ Tamien Station TOD ​135 San Jose​ ​pre-construction Apr 2024
28.​ ​Alum Rock Multifamily ​58 ​San Jose ​pre-construction ​May 2024
29.​ The Algarve​ ​91 ​San Jose pre-construction​ May 2024
30.​ Dupont Family Apartments​ ​141 San Jose ​pre-construction Aug 2024
31​ ​Sunol-West San Carlos​ 91​ San Jose​ pre-construction​​ Oct 2024​
32.​ ​La Avenida ​100 ​Mountain view pre-construction​ Dec 2024
​33. Hillview Court (Phase I - Rehab) ​134 ​Milpitas under construction​​ ​April 2021
34.​ ​Casa de Novo (Rehab) ​TBD San Jose​ pre-construction ​Oct 2022
​Total New Units 2,969
Total Renovated Units 618
Total Units 3,587



  • ​Supervisor Chavez convened and chaired the County’s 2020 Unhoused Task Force.
  • More than $15 million in direct financial assistance was distributed to approximately 7,000 families in Santa Clara County via a 70-agency partnership
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, the County placed 1,920 households into congregate and non-congregate shelter, distributed more than 50,000 pieces of personal protective equipment, and provided mobile shower and sanitation services for individuals living in encampments throughout Santa Clara County.
  • Since March 2020, the County assisted 981 homeless households with the move into permanent housing since March 1, 2020
  • Three emergency interim housing communities are in development by the City of San Jose to provide housing for more than 300 homeless residents, and one emergency shelter community is in development by the County to provide housing for up to 25 homeless families with children.
  • Voters in San Jose approved Measure E in 2020 generating millions of dollars annually to help fund new affordable housing.

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