An "Equity Pledge" has been a cornerstone of Cindy's work on the Board of Supervisors


Cindy poses with advocates at the opening of the Office of Disability Affairs

Office of Disability Affairs

 In June 2021, the Board approved Supervisor Chavez’s request to establish a first ever in the County Office of Disability Affairs in order to ensure access and equity as it relates to persons with disabilities is adequately addressed in the County of Santa Clara. 


When Young Moms Thrive Pilot

In April 2021, The Board of Supervisors approved Supervisor Chavez’s funding request to assist the Young Women’s Freedom Center in implementing a pilot geared toward the closing of equity gaps, and the employment and empowerment of marginalized young moms in East San Jose and Gilroy ages 12-26.


Period Poverty

In March 2021, the Board approved Supervisor Chavez’s request that ALL bathrooms in County facilities be stocked with free period products much like other hygiene products such as paper towels and toilet paper. Thanks to her leadership, the County has also dedicated $1.8 million to funding period products for those in need throughout the County.


GARE, BLM and Equity Pledge

  • In March 2019, the Board approved Supervisor Chavez’s request to roll out county-wide participation in the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) efforts.
  • In June 2020, the Board approved a resolution brought forward by Supervisor Chavez and Supervisor Dave Cortese to affirm Black Lives Matter and gave direction for next steps regarding the County’s internal and external efforts to commit to the Black Freedom Struggle and the role of the organization for action and reform towards racial justice, police brutality, systemic oppression, and violence.
  • In July 2020, the Board approved Supervisor Chavez’s request to commit to the Silicon Valley Equity Pledge, and to invest in the structural changes necessary to meaningfully advance equity, uplift communities, and ensure justice and prosperity for all residents. 


Pay Equity

In August 2019, the Board approved a proposal by Supervisors Chavez and Dave Cortese asking for a County of Santa Clara Pay Equity Strategic Plan.


Local Voters Rights Act

Due to Supervisor Chavez’s leadership and as a result of the Voter Suppression and Engagement Hearing in 2019, the Registrar of Voters and County Counsel will bring forward an act for approval by the Board of Supervisors in early 2022. The goal of this document is to make voting a cultural norm in Santa Clara County, to increase voter turnout across the county, to ensure our residents are aware of their rights to vote, and have the means and access to do so irrespective of their socioeconomic status, languages, culture, or location.


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